Sandy Stoklosa (Douglas)

Photo of: Sandy Stoklosa (Douglas)

Corps: St. John's Girls, Seneca Optimists, Bayonne Bridgemen

Sandy began her drum corps years with St. John's Girls in 1974-75 as a soprano player.  She joined Seneca Optimists in 1977 becoming one of 7 girls from Brantford to make the commute, continuing with Seneca in 1978.

Sandy marched one year with Bayonne Bridgemen and then returned to Brantford to teach St. John's/Brantford Girls.

Sandy and her husband Cliff very generously opened their home to many of us who taught with her and marched in the corps.

Sandy was a dedicated marching member and instructor, never asking more from anyone than she would expect from herself. (by Kelly Pratt (Churchill) - Seneca Optimist colour guard 1978 / St. John's 1972-77)

Sandy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We Remember!

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