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Photos of Don Daber


Don was an integral part of the Optimists organization for over 40 years, serving as publicity director and photographer for both Toronto Optimists and Seneca Optimists. He's also served as Corps Director of Toronto Optimists. In addition, he has been actively involved in the Canadian Drum Corps Association and the Ontario Drum Corps Association. Don passed away on April 4, 2019, just short of his 90th birthday.

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Don Daber's Artwork for Record Albums and Programmes


In 1960 Don Daber created the cover art for the Canadian Nationals record album. This was the beginning. Over the following years he was responsible for the artwork for a number of records. This album contains images of Don's artwork for some of those albums.

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Don Daber's Cartoons


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Don Daber's Promotional Materials


This album contains images of some of the promotional material created by Don Daber.

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Random files - Don Daber
Album cover for 1971 World Open75 views
"Seasons Greetings" from the Toronto Optimists, published in Drum Corps World (1965)360 views
Album cover for 1967 New York American Legion Championships58 views
Toronto Optimists 1973 schedule273 views
Toronto Optimists' 1963 Schedule348 views
Promo for 1964 record326 views
Don Daber with a Pepsi and a De La Salle Button 81 views
Optimists Promo (1964)315 views

Last additions - Don Daber
1977 Seneca Optimists Schedule20 viewsJul 12, 2021
1968 Schedule for the Toronto Optimists23 viewsJul 12, 2021
1962 Album cover with the photo on which it is based23 viewsJun 12, 2021
The Rookie Cartoon (from Art of Drum Corps World (1977)28 viewsDec 16, 2020
The Rookie cartoon (from GCC, Vol 13, No 3, 1973)32 viewsDec 16, 2020
Don Dabers's poster for Optimists Colour Guard competition (1969)33 viewsNov 24, 2020
Three guys from Cadets LaSalle in promo for the Shriners Contest (1972)31 viewsNov 24, 2020
Cartoon from GCC, Vol 14, number 1 (1974)36 viewsNov 18, 2020