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Barry Bell


Barry's been with Optimists since its inception. For much of the time he was the corps' horn instructor. In the eyes of many, Barry is the heart and soul of Optimists. Finally, with the Alumni corps, he can actually play a horn (baritone)!

Did you know that Barry designed the original Corps uniforms as well as the Optimists logo?

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Berger, Sweeney & Ibitson


The Three Muchachos

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Bob Carell


Bob marched with Toronto Optimists from 1963-67. He carried a flag in '63 (usually the Optimists club flag). From 64 through 67 he played soprano. In June 2004 he joined the alumni corps and is, once again, learning to play. This time around he started on Alto then moved to Mellophone.

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Brian Adam


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Dave Kirton


As a junior, Dave was with York Lions. These days he spends time with us and time in Thailand (but mostly Thailand).

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Dave MacKinnon


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Doug May/Toby Frechette


Those of you who know him from Toronto Optimists and Seneca Optimists know him as Doug May. Those in the Alumni corps know him as Toby Frechette. By either name, he's the same good-hearted and good-natured guy.

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Frans Rood


Frans started in Columbus Drum Corp in 1957 where he played Tenor Drum/Bass. In October 1960 he joined Optimists Drum Line as Bass Drummer and left the Corps at the end of 1963. In 1967 he was the Corps photographer and CDCA Photographer. He joined the Alumni Corps in Nov. 2005

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Gareth Skipp


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Jack Roberts


Jack played lead soprano in 1963. Later on, he designed and instructed drill for the corps.

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Jamie Oatt


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Joe Gianna


Joe marched with Toronto Optimists from 1958-63, played solos and, later, instructed Optimists' horn line. Currently he is a solist with the Alumni Corps.

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