Colin Hedworth

Photo of Colin Hedworth

Corps: Danforth Crusaders, Toronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists

Colin began his drum corps career with the Danforth Crusaders. Together with Lorne & Barry & Joe and many others Colin moved to the newly formed Toronto Optimists. Colin stayed with the Optimists until he aged out in 1962. Many years later Colin was still helping the corps, this time by driving the equipment truck for the Seneca Optimists.

"Colin was a man who had fine memories of being in The Optimists. He had always been aware of what was going on in the Corps. Colin was a soft spoken kind man." – Phil

"In 1976 & '77 Colin and I drove the equipment truck for Seneca Optimists. Strange things happen when you're together almost 24 hours a day and driving thousands of miles over the course of the summer. We were constantly exhausted and suffering from lack of sleep. Why? We not only had to arrive before the corps but we also had to load the truck after the show then drive to our next competition. And we didn't get much rest while driving because the passenger's job was to make sure that the driver didn't fall asleep. I still remember the two of us driving from Rochester up to Montreal. I was driving and turned to Colin and said something like "I'm seeing creatures running across the road." Colin responded with a "me, too". I then said that they don't live on this planet! Colin said: "I'm seeing the same thing!". We pulled over at the next rest area and slept." – Bob

Colin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We Remember!

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