Al Punkari

Corps: Danforth Tech, Opti-Corps, Toronto Optimists

Al was a charter member of the Toronto Optimists. He came to the Corps from Danforth Tech when Barry Bell and Lorne Ferrazzutti agreed to instruct what was then Opti-Corps.

He is remembered for being a very good baritone player, with a great sense of humour, gentle, and a sartorial sight to behold. With Optimists he was best friends Ken Nakagawa and is remembered for perpetrating a tall tale on the gals from Audubon.

At our first ever field show in Batavia, New York, Audubon was one of the competing Corps, actually winning the contest. During our mingling with them, they asked questions about Canada and Canadians such as “What does your father do?” Al’s quick response was that the father of Ukaluk Mukaluk (Ken Nakagawa) was a whale hunter. Forever more, Ken was affectionately known as Ukaluk Mukaluk, son of a whale hunter.

Al . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We Remember!

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