Al Morrison

Corps: Toronto Optimists, Canadian Commanders, Optimists Alumni

– April, 2006

Good old Mo started in the Western Tech band. He went to Opti in 1958 as a founding member of the corps and as the soloist. After he aged out he managed to stay another year as drum major. In 1961 the new Jesters had been formed and Mo joined as the soloist and a founding member. He could have gone to any corps in this area or any corps over the border with his talent level.

When Commanders formed in 1964 Al stayed as a founding member and, along with playing in the line, took on the additional job of horn instructor. Al was the foundation of any corps he chose to be in—solid and reliable, level-headed and resolute in his belief that every member should give his best at all times when with the corps.

Al taught the Hamilton Firefighters, Oakville-Trafalgar Patrolmen, Hamilton Conqueror and was a great fan of the New York Skyliners. There are many amusing stories of situations where Al, through no fault of his own, found himself just by being with certain Senior corps members at the wrong time; but to tell these would detract from his exemplary and sterling character. He was a great guy -and I still miss him (Ed Law)

Al . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We Remember!

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