1960 Toronto Optimists: Video

Recorded at Toronto City Hall

This video footage of the 1960 Toronto Optimists was supplied to us by Mel Dey. Mel's father recorded the video. The audio track was extracted from the 1960 Nationals album.

On September 24, 1960 the Toronto Optimists were honoured by the City of Toronto and it's mayor, Nathan Phillips, in recognition of the corps winning its third consecutive Canadian Nationals title. The corps marched up Bay Street and played a concert outside City Hall.

Here's a note from Mel Dey...

"that's me at the end of the movie (the last horn) beside Al LaVigne (egging me on because my dad was shooting us) and Bob Brown beside Al.  Also, the gentleman standing behind the car, with black hair and mustache, smoking, is Harry Prokop (Ronn's dad).  He drove the car."